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Contract Administration and Architectural Service Support

at Spencer Park, Ryde

Acting as contract administrators and architects, building regulations drawings have been made, the launching of the new development of the first phase of 14 units is taking place and there is a very good take up of self-build plots and luxury homes overlooking the golf course.

Branstone Farm, Newchuch

Lead development consultants in leading professional team in obtaining planning permission for 42 affordable housing units for Vectis Housing and over 14,500 sq ft for the Isle of Wight Council rural business park, working with the Chamber of Commerce. Work has taken 12 months to go from starting point to resolution to grant.

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Planning Consultants to Hovertravel

New Hovertravel maintenance building – acting as planning consultants in demolition of existing buildings to create a new maintenance shed with additional car parking.

Planning Consultant for New Affordable Housing Scheme for Vectis Housing at Elm Lane, Calbourne

Planning application has been submitted with the benefit of potential Homes England grant to provide 12 affordable housing units within the rural village of Calbourne.  No development has taken place within the Parish of Calbourne for over 25 years.

There is a great need for this housing.  For further details contact Phil Salmon at the Planning & Development Hub.

New Working Methods Yielding Results

Over the last 9 months it has been quite interesting working with the Covid experience not only in terms of working in isolation, but also working as a team.


We closed the office in the early days, but were able to work remotely creating deals, acquiring sites and making sales such as the following:-


  • Exchange House, Newport. We sold this office building as an investment to a local investor. This transaction was completed within 10 weeks from the sale being agreed.

  • We sold an ex-Convent within Shanklin which had planning permission for a block of flats to a local Island developer.  This was a cash transaction.  This site had tremendous views over the south coast and the town of Shanklin. 


  • We completed the sales at Ash Lane for small builders and self-builders, and these houses are now coming to fruition.  This includes 14 new affordable housing units for Vectis which will be handed over in November 2020.

  • We have commenced working on the project at Spencer Park, Ryde, as project managers and contract administrators.  This overlooks Ryde Golf Course.  This includes 5 self-build plots and luxury detached housing, along with semi-detached houses.   The developer is Element Housing and work is ongoing.  Architectural work and contract administration work is being done through this office.

  • Branstone Farm, Arreton. We have been acting as lead consultants in the development of Branstone Farm into a local community incorporating 42 affordable housing units to be built by Vectis Housing, and over 14,500 sq. ft. of rural office space along with a bio-diversity park.  The planning application will be held in November 2020, and we have been part of a team which has obtained over £2.2M worth of grants from the Solent LEP as part of the transformational fund for shovel ready schemes on the Island.  This is also an innovative scheme providing a great community which is sustainable, and working fully with the Chamber of Commerce in the future management and development of the Business Park.